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A platform to surface Discord’s core context on projects, ways to contribute, and contributor engagement so DAOs and teams can focus on their work.


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What is it?

Avenue is a platform that surfaces Discord’s core context on projects, ways to contribute, and contributor engagement so that DAOs and teams can focus on doing their best work.

What problem does it solve?

Today, Discord serves as the mainstream platform for DAO organization and communication. While it’s good for broadcasting, it’s not designed for collaboration, which is the core goal of many outcome-based DAOs. As more DAOs form and scale up, it becomes harder to understand what’s going on and how to contribute. Most high-impact contributors and members are part of multiple DAOs, often sifting through every server to stay updated and decide on what’s the best thing to work on.

Avenue’s goal is to help high performing teams collaborate more effectively by:

  • Reducing server noise
  • Surfacing ongoing projects that best match contributors interests
  • Empowering teams to spin up new projects

How does it work?

Avenue built a Discord bot to gather server channel content and members. Currently, server admins can create DAO profile pages, select channels (e.g. #announcements) to surface, create spaces , and list active contributors. Admins can then publish the page as the DAO’s landing site for members and non-members to view. 

Each DAO page consists of relevant channels and active contributors so that members can gain necessary context without needing to go to Discord. Avenue also developed a spaces feature, which are topic groups linked to Discord channels. Members can follow the spaces they care about, which would populate on a custom feed page called Plaza.

When members go to Plaza, they can see a collection of spaces they follow from all their DAOs, which acts as a high-level summary to get context/updates quickly.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

As a new member joining a DAO Discord community, it’s often hard to identify active contributors. Avenue can surface a list of high-performing contributors based on their actual work. Curious members don’t need to search through multiple server channels to figure out what to work on or who to work with.


Words of advice:

Expected future updates:

  • Ability for members (not just admins) to create spaces 
  • Ability for anyone to spin up a team and start projects
  • Easily identify core team and contributors of a space

Getting Started


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