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Token Creation is a Git-enabled document workspace that enables DAOs and other community-driven projects to build in public.


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What is it?

Bip is a community workspace with Git-editable documents and deep integrations with modern community spaces, such as Discord and Slack. Bip features include bots to export insightful community conversations, contributor leaderboards, permissions management, and social-driven discovery of new projects.

What problem does it solve?

Bip provides a solution for the fragmented modern workspace. Many DAOs and built-in-public projects struggle to organize information between community spaces like Discord, and document-making applications like Notion. Bip solves this problem by creating easy integrations between documents and Discord.

How does it work?

DAOs can create a project on Bip, then add interactive Canvases to it. These Canvases can be shared to the Bip social feed (Reels) and can also be linked to other tools like Discord and Slack.

  • Canvas: A Canvas takes the form of a collaborative document or project homepage. Users can embed documents, code snippets, and tweets.
  • Reels: Reels is a social feed of feedback for a community and its followers. Users can easily post elements from a Canvas to Reels, and ask for feedback. Comments in the Reels feed can be automatically cross-posted to Discord or Slack for additional community exposure.
  • Permissions: User permissions can be automatically synced with other project workspaces such as Discord.
  • BipThis Bot: Users can also post conversations from Discord back to a Canvas through the BipThis bot.
  • Git-based edit flow: Canvas can be edited in a Git-inspired flow, meaning contributors can edit a page locally, then merge the edits back to the finalized page. Admins can accept or deny these merge requests.
  • Contributor Leaderboard: Contributors can be recognized for their work through a leaderboard.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

At DAOMasters we see some pretty awesome conversations happening in our Discord, but it’s difficult to capture these conversations within the constant buzz of a large community. The BipThis bot offers an easy solution to this challenge.

Managing communications across Discord, Notion and Discourse is hard. Reels provides a way for feedback to be captured across various platforms.


While Bip’s integrations with Discord and Slack are unique, the Canvas feature feels similar to Notion. They will need to continue innovating to further differentiate themselves.

The product is still in its early stages, so don’t be surprised by small bugs and UI bumps here and there.

Words of advice:

If you are looking for a direct way to integrate documentation and note-taking with Discord, Bip is a really cool product to try out. Bip is meant to support projects that are building in public, and in that spirit, Bip is building in public as well.

Expected future updates:

More differentiation from Notion along with highlighted new use cases beyond those that are immediately obvious.

Introduction of bounties into the Reels features to incentivize community members to provide feedback in exchange for rewards.

Getting Started

Visit, check out the bip demo, and create your own account!


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