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Clarity was purpose-built for DAOs and other decentralized teams, delivering a simple all-in-one workplace for your community to get together.


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Ryan Heger
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What is it?

Clarity is a knowledge management platform that mashes up features of Notion, Discord, and Slack, without all the clutter.

What problem does it solve?

DAOs struggle to use web2 collaboration software because they need to manually manage access and permissions for each individual user, making it extremely difficult to manage work across multiple tools. Clarity has token-based access controls that enable teams to manage notes, projects, and long-term knowledge in one place. Clarity’s intuitive UI also makes it simple to create and track tasks, projects, and initiatives; drawing a clear line from overarching strategy to deliverables.

How does it work?

Clarity offers three types of document, which each play a role in team coordination.

  • Notes allow teams to share info and organize it at the same time. Notes are posted in a shared feed that is less distracting than chat.  By using hashtags, teams can easily re-discover past notes.
  • Pages create your own personal Wikipedia. Pages automatically link to all the places where you've mentioned a keyword; and allow you to easily navigate your knowledge base and work in an exploratory fashion.
  • Work can be tasks, projects, or initiatives. They enable a flexible structure that aligns high-level initiatives with specific tasks. Easily break a big project into subprojects and subtasks as needed, rather than working within a rigid structure. All the conversations around projects are automatically integrated into your knowledge base.

How do I use it?

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Why it's cool:

Slack and Discord channels quickly get cluttered. Notion makes it possible to create almost any setup you want, but isn’t built specifically for project management, so you have to do a lot of setup and maintenance to get it to work. Clarity has an extremely smooth UI that addresses the issues with all three of these platforms. And it’s ready to use out-of-the-box with minimal configuration and setup. It also supports Sign-in with Ethereum and ENS Domains as usernames!


As a standalone tool, Clarity is phenomenal. Clarity does not currently offer integrations beyond email/Slack, though more integrations are on the roadmap such as Discord and other DAO tools. Notion/Slack/Discord currently offer substantially more integrations.

Words of advice:

Even though Clarity’s UI feels familiar, you should watch Clarity’s Overview tutorial check out the tips in their User Manual.

Expected future updates:

  • Access Control — Clarity has a flexible role-based permissions architecture under the hood that they are progressively making available to customers. They’re also working on integrations with other DAO tools such as Discord,, and Orca Protocol.
  • DAO-native pricing model — The per-member-per-month model doesn’t work for DAOs. Clarity will be announcing a pricing model that is specifically tailored to the fluid nature of DAOs.
  • Workflows & Coordination — Build your own workflows for different types of work, and keep an accurate record of who participated in which tasks & projects.
  • Reputation — Clarity enables you to track work from start-to-finish without losing the source of truth. They aim to be a reliable source of metadata for contributions, and allow DAO contributors to write to their web3 resume.
  • Discoverability — With all this work happening on Clarity, there is an interesting opportunity to surface information on each topic at a global level. This way you can easily see how DAOs are thinking about common topics like governance or compensation.

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