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Clarity was purpose-built for DAOs and other decentralized teams, delivering a simple all-in-one workplace for your community to get together.


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What is it?

  • Clarity is a contribution platform and all-in-one workspace that makes it easy for remote teams to work together, taking some of the best parts of Discord, Github, and Notion while ironing out many of the major pain points. 

What problem does it solve?

Right now, most DAO contributors have to keep up with Discord + Notion + Google Docs + Github in order to figure out what they, and everyone else, should be working on. Clarity designed an all-in-one tool that fixes these pain points. It doesn’t bombard you with notifications like Discord, its token-gated permissions are simpler than both Notion and Google Docs, and unlike Github, it’s also designed for non-technical contributors. 

Clarity helps contributors increase their efficiency by tracking tasks and goals while also providing a lasting, single point-of-reference so everyone knows what’s being worked on (and why). It manages to do all this with a tidy, intuitive interface. 

How does it work?

Clarity is a shared contribution space, with different sections:

  • Roadmap - with goals, projects and tasks showing how everything fits together. Contributors are able to see a clear line between the organization’s overall goal, their team’s efforts, and their individual assignments. 
  • Wiki - is where important information that has more permanence lives. Notes can be added to the wiki using hashtags as you are working on projects, so knowledge management is not a separate task but part of the workflow. 
  • Groups and roles - manages what individuals can see and contribute to, which can be done through token-gating. 

Ultimately, Clarity is designed to help you work in quite a specific way, making sure plans and tasks add up into an overarching vision (OKR style), and integrating documentation with task management. This is well-suited for DAOs because it retains historical knowledge that would otherwise be lost if individual contributors moved on, a common occurrence in the space.

How do I use it?

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Why it's cool:

The fast and smooth UX is Clarity’s main strength. For example, instead of having a Google Doc / Notion for note taking, and then setting up the action items in Trello/Jira/Github, you can directly transform your notes into tasks in two clicks without leaving Clarity.


Words of advice:

Expected future updates:

  • Integrations with DAO tools such as Discord, Coordinape,, Gnosis Safe, Govrn, Otterspace, Utopia, and more
  • Mobile app (iOS app is currently in private TestFlight)
  • Community analytics

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