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Coinvise is an open platform on Ethereum where creators can launch a social token and build a token-driven community.


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What is it?

Coinvise is an open platform on Ethereum where creators can launch and build a tokenized community. Creators can:

  • Create their own social token on a fixed supply, bonding curve or vesting schedule
  • Airdrop social tokens via a unique claimable link or to a list of addresses
  • Reward their community for contributions using bounties paid with community tokens or major coins including ETH and USDC
  • Provide vesting schedules for core contributors 
  • Discover and grow their communities, communicate and contribute towards other creators

What problem does it solve?

Coinvise makes it extremely simple for anyone to launch a social token for their community. It’s platform agnostic, meaning tokens can be shared on any social media platform, the Ethereum main network, or side chains like Polygon. Tokens can be launched in just thirty seconds, and Coinvise does not charge any fees or take any cut of the tokens that get minted.

How does it work?

Similar to, Coinvise lets you mint tokens for your community. It also lets you airdrop them (with a bridging option that reduces gas costs), create a vesting program for contributors, and offer bounties for your DAO. The platform is intuitive and their user guides are clear and concise. 

Social tokens can be minted either on Ethereum Mainnet (L1) or Polygon (Matic) Network (L2). Coinvise suggests creators/communities create a token on L1 for higher value transactions, and migrate a portion of the tokens to L2 for airdrops, rewards or other high volume transactions to optimize for gas costs. By default, the creator or the community will be the owner of the token contract.

How do I use it?

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Why it's cool:

They aren’t kidding when they say you can launch your token in less than thirty seconds. Coinvise has a great UI that effectively walks you through all the options for minting, airdropping, and vesting tokens for your community. You can also offer your contributors bounties priced in your community’s token, ETH, DAI, or USDC. 

Coinvise’s Social Token Minting Guide is an excellent resource that shows you how to use their platform AND introduces resources for tokenomics, crowdfunding, creating liquidity, and minting on a bonding curve.


Given how little time it takes to launch a social token on Coinvise, we highly recommend considering your community goals and DAO design (such as treasury management and governance) before minting. 

Once you create your social token, the title, image, token name, and token supply cannot be changed. Make sure to get feedback before launch.

Words of advice:

Even though Coinvise has made minting a breeze, read through the entire Social Token Minting Guide before launching.

Expected future updates:

Coinvise expects to:

  1. Work towards gasless transactions
  2. Create composable reward blocks for profiles on Coinvise

Getting Started


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