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Eyal Eithcowich
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What is it?

DeepDao aggregates DAO data and provides DAO analytics which list, track, visualize and analyze data about DAOs. Metrics include market cap, member count, governance engagements, proposals and discussions, etc.

What problem does it solve?

Data about DAOs is currently fragmented and therefore it’s hard to have a comprehensive view of the DAO ecosystem. DeepDAO aggregates DAO data and provides basic analytics on that data

How does it work?

DeepDAO provides basic metrics and analytics on the DAO ecosystem like number of proposals, discussions and active voters, etc.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

DeepDAO is currently the only place to view aggregated DAO data and analytics. 

In the words of online community and crypto expert, Wong Joon Ian: “If CMC went for $400m because it provided data on the suddenly booming longtail of tokens, then it stands to reason the next big data play in crypto is DAO metrics”

Companies that were the first to provide data and analytics on emerging parts of the crypto ecosystem have become authoritative sources of information and have generated millions of dollars of value. DeepDAO strives to be that for the emerging DAO ecosystem.


UX is not intuitive.

Data visualization options are currently limited.

Filters are limited and not yet customizable (i.e. no option to view things with a custom time period).

Infinite scroll for the data feed.

No sign-up option -- this means you cannot save anything that you’ve customized with their dashboard, the custom views, filters, sorts, etc.

Words of advice:

DeepDAO is still in alpha, so information on the product is still limited. 

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Visit DeepDAO's dashboard to see the metrics they display.


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