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What is it?

Dework makes it incredibly easy for DAOs to manage their workflow and for individual contributors to publicly feature the great work that they’ve done. It’s an absolutely awesome app for both user groups. 

What problem does it solve?

Dework has been described as merging the features of LinkedIn, bounty boards, and project management tools. Dework makes it easy for DAOs to let their communities vote on proposals, create bounties, track progress on those bounties, and pay out contributors. Individual contributors get their own profiles where you can see tasks they’ve completed, how much they’ve been compensated for their contributions, which DAOs they’re a part of, and what roles they have in their DAOs.   

More broadly, Dework is a reputation tool. Users can quickly see what problems DAOs are focused on solving and how much they’re willing to invest in solving them. DAOs can see if contributors have a history of delivering results for various DAOs.

How does it work?

Fun fact: we used Dework to manage our Tool Reviews process. Here are the features we used:

  • Discord roles to set administrators for the Dework page
  • Community Suggestions page (with crypto wallet and Discord connect feature) to have the community vote on which tools we should review
  • Once selected, we moved the tools from the community suggestions page over to the task tracker Kanban board
  • Once they were in the Kanban board, admins added bounties, delivery time, and a button for people to apply
  • After selecting reviewers, we could add more detail to the project itself and reach out to the contributors directly since we knew their Discord usernames.
  • Once the reviews were complete, we were able to pay the bounties directly from Dework with the click of a button.

For individuals, Dework is even more straightforward. Your profile lets people easily see your social media links and your roles in the Discord servers you’ve joined (if they have a Dework page).  You can also see “proof of work” - how much you’ve been compensated for your contributions and the tasks you’ve completed.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

As much as I really enjoyed using the Dework workflow to manage the tool review process, I think the personal profile is the true standout feature. It has a chance to be a much improved, web3 version of LinkedIn. Instead of self-attesting to skills or having people endorse you, everyone will see the actual work you’ve completed.


Words of advice:

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

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