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Easy to deploy community servers that include text chat, video, and audio collaboration features


Jason Citron
Stanislav Vishnevskiy
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Steven Echtman
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What is it?

Discord is a communication platform, akin to Slack, that allows for members to communicate over chat, voice, and video. Discord is the tool of choice for many web3 organizations to conduct internal discussions and interact with their communities.

What problem does it solve?

Discord provides a central location where DAO members can communicate. Discord supports “Token Gating” (through 3rd party bot implementations) that can be applied to entire servers or select channels to gate access based on specific crypto wallet holdings.

How does it work?

Discord allows for many layered permissions based on user roles, and supports a wide variety of “bots” that can be “plugged in” for additional functionality. Public discord servers allow anyone to join, while private discord servers require an invite to attend.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Discord supports 3rd party “bots,” with a development community that is extremely active in providing bots that effectively “plug-in” features such as Token Gating, Stats, Community Engagement, Event Scheduling, Audio Channel Recording, and much more.


Configuring a Discord server can be daunting. There are many levels of permissions one can set for each channel and server “role.” One needs to make sure they understand these basic settings, and it helps to have a plan for management and implementation of permissions. Beyond permission settings, there are a myriad of powerful “bots'' available to Discord administrators, and each bot presents its own configuration and learning curve challenges.

Words of advice:

Follow Discord’s documentation for launching your server and familiarize yourself with Discord’s FAQs.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Want to learn more? Spin up a Discord Server or Dive into the FAQs with Discord’s help docs.


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