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disperse lets you easily distribute ETH or other tokens to multiple addresses with lower gas fees


This post was written by 
Roy King
and edited by 
Julia Lipton


What is it?

disperse is a simple and elegant solution to help DAOs batch payments or airdrops.

What problem does it solve?

 DAOs often need to distribute payment in ETH or tokens to multiple parties, requiring setup, tracking and gas fees for every transaction. 

How does it work?

Disperse allows you to pay multiple contributors in one transaction with low gas fees.  The interface is super simple and available at no additional cost.  Steps to use:

  • Goto
  • Connect your wallet
  • Choose how to pay. Select “ether” (aka ETH) or “token” to load any ERC-20 compliant contract address
  • Add each contributor address and compensation amount, one contributor per line
  • Confirm the address and amounts
  • Click “Dispense Ether / Tokens”
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the chain

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool: is a public good, freely available for anyone to save time and gas fees. It’s simple and clear interface is a good role model for similar projects.


While many alternatives to Ethereum mainnet are supported, not all are currently supported and some performance issues have been reported on Twitter. Overall it’s a useful tool for dispersing tokens, but only that. You’ll need more dApps to learn and integrate as part of your overall stack of contribution and compensation tools.

Words of advice:

DAO Masters used this as part of our Season 1 compensation project. Be sure you have a table of everyone’s wallet address and compensation before starting disperse. It does not connect with Gnosis Safe, so you’ll have to transfer your payroll amount to metamask to use disperse.

Expected future updates:

One might expect users of other tools, like Coordinape, to advocate for direct integration with the disperse contract to reduce the extra steps involved in switching to a separate interface.

Getting Started

Try it now at


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