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Start a digital access, gated community


This post was written by 
Julia Lipton
and edited by 
Justine Humenansky


What is it?

In less than a minute, create a private Discord space for a community based on an NFT, ERC-20 token, POAP, or a combination of them all. 

Let’s say a user wants to connect community members around an NFT or token. In a few clicks, Guild enables users to spin up a token/NFT/POAP gated Discord channel for members. Members visit an organization’s Guild page, connect their wallets, and if they hold that specific asset in their wallet, they will be granted access to the Discord. Users can also create a Guild that blends communities. For example, we could create a Guild for members of FWB and DAO Masters. In this case, the Guild would require members to hold 75 FWB tokens + 1 DAOMSTR in their wallets.

What problem does it solve?

Membership management can be a complex problem as DAOs scale. 

Guild allows users to easily onboard people in a community based on proof-of-ownership.

How does it work?

To create a guild, a user will need to connect their wallet. This wallet will need to hold the relevant token, NFT, or whatever the guild is centered around. Users can then click “create a guild” and name their guild. Assuming the organization already has their own Discord server, they would pick “custom Discord” and add the invite link. They’ll then add Medusa, the Guild Bot, and select the Discord category in which they want Guild to create their private channel. They’ll then select gating requirements, which can require multiple assets in combination. There are a bunch of examples here.

To join a guild, visit the Guild’s page, e.g. Connect your wallet, sign the message from your wallet, and join the Discord server.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

This is an easy, self-serve way to set up a gated community.


If a community has its own Discord, Guild does not grant access to the whole Discord. By default, Guild creates a new private channel and a new role within a Discord. Guild only gives the role access to that single private channel -- not to the entire Discord. If a user wants to gate more than that single channel, they have to manually change the channel settings to private and grant access to that role. For example, after we created our Guild and the DAO Masters role, we manually changed the permissions on every channel to “private” and granted access to everyone with the DAO Masters role.

Words of advice:

Users can combine different ownership parameters for their Guild using the OR function. For example, owning a particular NFT OR owning X tokens. 

If you don’t already have a Discord, and only want a single channel for people to chat, you can create a private channel within the official server.

Expected future updates:

Gated telegram communities. 

Airdropping NFTs to a community based on participation and contribution. 

Gasless emoji-based voting with on-chain impact allowing DAO-to-DAO meta-governance.

Getting Started

Visit and select “create a guild.” 

If you want to create a private, gated community for friends, without a fancy NFT or token, you can create a gasless-POAP here and then use it to gate access.


A special thanks to  the backers  who made DAO Masters possible,
and to the $DAOMSTR Guild Members who worked dilligently to bring you daomasters.dyx