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Platform for projects/DAOs to fundraise from the community


This post was written by 
Kishan Patel
and edited by 
Justine Humenansky


What is it?

Juicebox is akin to a decentralized Kickstarter, allowing projects to raise funding from the community all powered by public smart contracts on Ethereum. Using its platform you can: design your fundraising page, set up your funding structure, define how your project will distribute funds, and reward community members with tokens.

What problem does it solve?

Building a treasury and issuing tokens to community members is a complicated and cumbersome process, making it inaccessible to many. Juicebox empowers groups to easily set up and manage this fundraising process end-to-end, abstracting away much of the complexity.

How does it work?

Through its platform, you can configure and deploy a smart contract that allows you to manage fundraising and token distribution for your project. 

The main features include:

  • Appearance: Choose your design including project name, handle, links, and other details.
  • Funding: Define how your project will earn and manage funds. You have the option to set a funding target and decide how to redistribute surplus revenue to your community. You can also set the duration and frequency (recurring or one-time) of your funding cycles.
  • Distribution: Define how you will distribute your funds. The platform allows you to commit portions of every withdrawal to other Etherum wallets or Juicebox projects, which you can use to pay contributors, charities, other projects, or anyone else.
  • Reserved tokens: Reward community members with your project’s tokens when they contribute to the fundraiser. You can also set the percentage of tokens that will be reserved for the project owners.
  • Additional Configurations: Set configurations such as the rules for how changes can be made to your project, the discount rate, and the bonding curve rate.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

  • What’s so powerful about Juicebox is the ownership dynamic it enables between the project and its funders. By funding a project, community members receive tokens and become partial owners of the project. This enables them to participate in the upside of the project as well as incentivizes them to help make the project successful. 
  • Given that Juicebox is powered by public smart contracts on Ethereum, projects are able to run their fundraise transparently, helping them build stronger trust with funders.


  • Given that Juicebox’s protocol is powered by public smart contracts on Ethereum there are inherent risks whereby any exploits to the contracts may have irreversible consequences, including loss of funds. 
  • Juicebox takes 5% of the money that is fundraised for each project, so this should be taken into consideration. However, Juicebox does reward projects with Juicebox tokens ($JBX) in exchange for this 5% fee.

Words of advice:

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

  • Browse through projects viewable on their website to get a feel for how different projects look and work
  • Connect your wallet and create a project on their website

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