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Helps DAOs manage their treasuries


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What is it?

Llama provides treasury management as-a-service for DAOs.

What problem does it solve?

DAO treasuries are massive, sometimes >$1B in assets under management. DAO communities are struggling to manage these treasuries, which involves determining how budgets are allocated, asset diversification strategies, whether or not to lend/borrow capital, etc. 

Llama attempts to provide a solution that helps DAOs better manage their treasuries.

How does it work?

Llama provides treasury management as-a-service, and you can hire them for help in four key areas:

  • Spending: Reward core contributors, attract the right set of new contributors, and allocate budget among working groups.
  • Asset allocation: Ensure that the treasury can continue to fund critical development irrespective of the market environment (treasuries are mostly composed of a protocol’s native token and, therefore, they are not very well diversified).
  • Borrowing: Set up a borrowing strategy (fixed rate secured loans, bond issuance, protocol-to-protocol lines of credit, etc.) in order to ​​fund development and operations, fund protocol acquisitions, or fund yield farming with debt rather than tokens.
  • Reporting: Produce financial statements & disclosures (income statement, balance sheet, key revenue drivers, operating expenses, and salaries). If users need to spend several hours digging through Etherscan, Discourse forums, and voting tools to get a summary of the treasury’s activities, there isn’t full transparency.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Asset allocation is probably the most pressing challenge for any mature DAO. A thoroughly thought-out and well-managed asset allocation strategy can create a competitive advantage, especially in a bear market. 

Llama was awarded grants from both Uniswap and MetaCartel. They’ve worked with the top DeFi protocols and DAOs (Aave, Uniswap, radicle, Gitcoin, Friends With Benefits, etc.)


The main challenge for Llama is to succeed in catering to smaller DAOs with a few self-service tools/products. As it is today, Llama is indeed a better fit for larger protocol DAOs.

Words of advice:

Llama is not yet a self-service product and so we have limited additional information to share at this time.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Send them a DM on Twitter if you want to use their services!

Take a look at Llama’s initial treasury strategy for the Aave treasury to get an idea of what Llama can do for your treasury management.


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