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MEE6 is a Discord bot-based service that helps communities with welcoming, engagement incentivization, and moderation.


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What is it?

MEE6 is a Discord bot-based service that can help DAOs manage their discord servers from inception to daily use, and through subsequent growth modes. MEE6 provides a broad range of functionalities in the form of bots and plugins, but the ones commonly used by DAOs include:

  • Welcoming new members to their server
  • Automatically assigning roles to new members after they accept the server rules
  • Moderating the server using pre-configured rules.
  • Incentivizing member engagement through an experience & leveling system.

What problem does it solve?

As DAO discord servers today scale from tens to thousands of members, manual verification, moderation, and incentivization becomes increasingly time consuming and infeasible. MEE6 helps community managers automate away some of this burden by providing basic humanity checks, role assignment, and message gamification.

How does it work?

MEE6 is simple to set up! After creating your Discord server, head over to the MEE6 website and add the bot to your server right from the landing page. All plugins mentioned above can be enabled and edited from the provided dashboard.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Two major challenges for many DAOs are maintaining member engagement and providing a positive experience for members—servers without moderation have huge spam issues. MEE6 makes it easy to help moderate and gamify posts, providing a solid first step to help tackle these challenges!


As MEE6 provides a large suite of features, it can take a little while to get oriented with their dashboard and find the functionality you’re looking for.

Words of advice:

Note that there’s no preview functionality! If you’re uncertain about anything, find a testing buddy or create another account to do a few dry runs on a test server.

MEE6 leveling notifications get fairly distracting if your Discord server already has a high level of engagement, or you experience a lot of churn with members joining, posting for a short period, then leaving.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

  • Create a test Discord server
  • Add MEE6 to the server directly from their website (link your account and select the test server you just created)
  • Scroll through the choice of plugins to try them out, or follow one of the provided tutorials found at

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