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Crypto-native publishing platform and a creative suite for communities and DAOs


Denis Nazarov
This post was written by 
Julia Lipton
and edited by 
Justine Humenansky


What is it?

Mirror is rebuilding publishing for Web3. Mirror allows users to create a publication on the blockchain. As a publisher, you can launch a crowdfund, launch an NFT, turn your post into an NFT, collect tips, split proceeds across contributors, and participate in the crypto economy.

What problem does it solve?

Unlike a traditional publishing platform, Mirror gives you the tools to get paid on your own terms. It’s also decentralized, so platform risk is reduced relative to platforms like Medium. 

Many DAOs launch on Mirror via a Crowdfund. For example, DAO Masters launched via a Mirror campaign here. CabinDAO and PartyDAO did the same. 

Mirror has also become the primary publishing platform for DAOs.

How does it work?

To access Mirror, connect your wallet and create a publication.

Users can do a lot with a Mirror publication. The main features include: 

  • Entries: Entries are posts on Mirror. A Mirror publication is a collection of entries. Many DAOs publish entries to keep their communities up to date. “Blocks” can be embedded within an entry. Each of the features below can be embedded within the entry as a block. For example, an entry can include a crowdfund, the option to buy a post as an NFT, collect tips, and other crypto-native functions. 
  • Editions: Editions are digital collectibles or NFTs. The three main use cases are: minting digital collectibles, creating community memberships, and tiered rewards. For example, the Crypto, Society, and Culture Mirror Crowdfund Campaign rewarded each of its backers with an NFT. CabinDAO is selling NFTs via editions that correspond with IRL stays at creator cabins. People can also buy editions simply as a way to support a cause. 
  • Auctions: Auctions allow users to auction off an NFT from within a Mirror post. Here’s an example of an auction on Mirror and a post that explains it really well. 
  • Splits: Splits allow a creator to split proceeds across different contributors. For example, proceeds from NFT sales or Crowdfunds can be split among contributors. This feature can also be used as a shared Tip Jar. Here is an example by Coopahtroopa. 
  • Token race: Mirror is best known for the Write Race, the way the Mirror community votes new people onto Mirror. Token Races allow anyone to embed the race functionality into their community. Users could use the Token Race to vote in new members, vote on proposals, and/or vote on grant distributions.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Mirror is the easiest way to crowdfund and raise money for a DAO. It also has the largest crypto-native audience of any publishing platform, so it’s a good place to find your initial community. It also makes launching and selling a token, NFT, or crowdfund easy.


Mirror automatically sends tokens to crowdfund contributors’ wallets. ERC-20 custom tokens don’t automatically show up in ETH wallets, so users have to share the token address with their community to enable members to “add the custom token” to their wallets.

Sometimes the Mirror site is slow. Just message in the Discord to see what’s up and the team will help.

Words of advice:

A few words of advice specific to crowdfunding a DAO on Mirror:

  • The creator ownership is the percentage of the total token supply you or your DAO will keep. For example, if you’re crowdfunding a DAO, you likely want to keep some of your own tokens for the treasury. The ownership is the percentage of tokens will be kept. 
  • Once you publish a crowdfund, the title, image, token name, and token supply cannot be changed. Make sure to get feedback before launch. The body of a crowdfund post can be edited after publishing, but nothing else can be changed.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Connect your wallet and start writing here

Once you’re in, make sure to join the Discord server. The community is very helpful and will answer your questions.


A special thanks to  the backers  who made DAO Masters possible,
and to the $DAOMSTR Guild Members who worked dilligently to bring you daomasters.dyx