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The first employee benefits tool to server DAO contributors


John Paller
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Justine Humenansky


What is it?

Opolis allows independent workers (such as freelancers, gig workers, and DAO contributors) to access benefits typically reserved for corporations (ex, medical insurance and retirement plans.)

What problem does it solve?

Tax compliance, benefits, and other pieces of standard corporate employment are often hard to access for independent workers. This is especially true for DAO contributors since DAO contributors are part-time workers and many traditional benefit providers are not familiar with this type of work.

How does it work?

  • Opolis offers a wide range of benefit plans, designed to make it simple for individual workers to choose and start using the plan that fits their needs. 
  • Applicants will enter their personal information and the information of any dependents, elect their benefits (health care, dental, and vision), and select the retirement plan that works best for their needs.
  • Users need to verify their identity and U.S. work authorization, and add tax and paycheck deposit information.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Opolis is founded by the organiser of ETHDenver and is the first employee benefits tool to serve DAO contributors


Currently, the following conditions are required to use Opolis, which is a barrier for those who don’t meet the requirements: 

  • Independent workers who work in the United States
  • Have an LLC with an S election or S-Corp
  • Make at least $40k in revenue

Words of advice:

You can reserve a 15-minute call on the website to learn more about how Opolis can save you money on health insurance or discuss which plan you should choose.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Go to the website and follow the onboarding process to enter account information, select a plan, and once the review is complete, start using the service.


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