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What is it?

Origami is a software and services company that sets up and grows DAOs for ambitious communities, including gaming guilds, investment DAOs, sports clubs, companies, and DeFi applications. Origami is likely overkill for hobbyists and smaller DAOs but a great solution for DAOs that have bigger communities, face challenging regulatory requirements, or need to fundraise.

What problem does it solve?

Origami solves three big problems:

First, they help DAO creators avoid community and regulatory mistakes. It creates a plan that allows DAO members to work well together and keeps the organization compliant with applicable regulations.

Second, Origami removes limits on fundraising. By using the Origami Framework it enables fundraising without requiring DAO members to make investments, be accredited, or take on personal risk. It also enables DAOs to scale past the 100-member limitations imposed on investment clubs.

Finally, it relieves software confusion. Origami offers DAO members a dashboard that elegantly brings together all the tools the DAO uses, and allows the DAO to use any tools it wants, including Origami-built software and popular DAO tools.

How does it work?

Origami created the Origami DAO Framework as a comprehensive method for creating and running DAOs that can benefit by partnering with venture capital firms, businesses, or protocols. It’s an alternative to Moloch DAO and Investment Club-like structures. 

Setup time varies by DAO, but can take as little as 1 month, and usually includes:


DAO builders talk with Origami to evaluate if they’re a fit to work together


Origami’s team talks with the DAO builders about their vision and helps make decisions about how to set up and run the DAO.

Charter drafting

Origami gives builders a draft of their DAO 'constitution' and helps bypass many expensive back and forths with their legal team by using a tested framework.

Discord setup

Origami creates a Discord infrastructure that encourages the type of communication the DAO needs.

NFT minting

Origami creates a membership NFT, which enables private, member-only features.

Origami platform setup

Origami creates a dashboard that brings together all tools DAO members need to participate in the community.

Charter signing and elections

Origami helps facilitate the review and signing of the charter and makes sure DAO members vote for season 0 committee members.

Season 0 launch

Origami helps ensure proposals get written and passed and supports other critical functions of the DAO.

Token launch

Origami guides the DAO through the issuance of its governance token.

How do I use it?

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