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Enables users to earn tokens in the process of learning how to use decentralized apps and crypto protocols


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What is it?

Rabbithole allows users to discover and use new decentralized apps (d’apps), protocols, or crypto platforms in return for cryptocurrency rewards.

Partners can use Rabbithole to distribute tokens to users through proof-of-use and acquire knowledgeable and engaged new users. 

It also offers crypto tutorials in topics like NFTs and DeFi with Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP) so users can demonstrate their knowledge of specific topics.

What problem does it solve?

How does it work?

Crypto tools and platforms can partner with Rabbithole to create Skills, Quests and Tasks for their users.

Skills: Allow users to demonstrate they have the knowledge needed to complete each step of a Quest. Skills are grouped into broad areas, such as:

  • Lending: For example, the ‘Lending’ Skill requires users to complete two tasks, ‘Deposit assets to Yearn V2’ and ‘Supply tokens on Compound’.
  • BrightID
  • Asset Management
  • Token Swapping
  • Identity Pro

Quests: Allow users to complete tasks to achieve specific objectives. Each Quest is made up of at least one task. When that Quest is completed, the user is rewarded with native tokens of the protocol used to complete the Quest.

Projects: Allow users to explore more functionality of specific protocols after gaining a basic understanding through Skills and Quests. 

XP: Completing a task associated with a project generates XP, which is a way of motivating users to finish tasks. XP has no financial value at this time, although the team has suggested that it might have utility in the future.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

The world of crypto moves quickly and new tools are released every day. It can be tricky for people who are new to the space to understand all the moving parts, so a tool that acts as an easy onboarding tool will help to bring more people into web3. For protocols themselves, Rabbithole helps them acquire engaged and knowledgeable new users.


Due to the early stage of Rabbithole, many of the Quests lack information, so users have to guess how to carry out all of the steps. Rabbithole is addressing this by recruiting contributors to create step-by-step instructions. Specifically, Rabbithole is looking for designers, developers and content creators to help them improve via their Pathfinder program.

Words of advice:

When completing Quests, we recommend using a tool like Etherscan to check gas beforehand, as otherwise gas fees can outweigh the rewards. Rabbithole advises protocols to offer a minimum reward of 130% estimated gas fee (for example, if estimated gas is $100, a protocol should offer roughly $130 worth of rewards.)

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

D’apps looking to feature their crypto-based protocol, dapp or platform should join the Rabbithole Discord.

Users wishing to learn more about the world of crypto and earn rewards while doing it can connect their wallet and start earning skills immediately.

To find out more about Rabbithole, here’s Ben Schecter, Operations Lead

Apply to become a Pathfinder.


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