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What is it?

The Roll network mints branded digital tokens, which it refers to as social money. These tokens allow a creator to own, control, and coordinate the value they create across social media platforms and within their community. Tokens are minted on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 standard.

What problem does it solve?

The emerging creator economy has helped more and more creators to gain control over the content they produce but not so much over how they distribute and monetise it. Roll tries to solve this by leveraging the power of community and token distribution.

How does it work?

  • Wallet: Roll provides custodial Ethereum wallets capable of sending and receiving social tokens from the Ethereum blockchain and within the Roll network.  These tokens can be withdrawn from a Roll wallet and sent to an Ethereum wallet at any time.
  • Monetary Policy: The minting and monetary policy of social tokens minted on Roll is set by Roll smart contracts and cannot be modified by the creator, Roll, or any other third-party. This smart contract limits tokens to exactly 10,000,000 units in existence. Roll will hold a small pool of the token when issued to support and grow their ecosystem.
  • Minting: Upon signing up, the Roll smart contracts will issue the first 2,000,000 units to the creator’s Roll wallet. This initial amount can help in setting up initial distribution of the tokens within the creator's community.
  • Vesting: Once the first 2M is minted, tokens will vest over a period of three years until the max supply of 10M units is reached.

How do I use it?

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Why it's cool:

Along with the ability to create custom tokens/social money for their community, creators also have autonomy over the following:

  • How is it earned and spent: The creators determine the way their token will be earned and spent in their community.
  • How is the token valued: The value of the token is determined entirely by the value of experiences and rewards a community can obtain from a creator’s token. These tokens can further help creators/platforms/ influencers crowdfund ideas, which can be totally decentralized and not controlled by any platform.


Roll suffered a security incident in the past, but has since partnered with industry-leading security companies to upgrade their infrastructure.

Words of advice:

Roll is still in private beta, so information is limited

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Roll is currently in private beta, but creators can request access by filling out this form :

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