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Dynamic map of accountability for the org


Donnie Benjamin
Victor Leipnik
Bryan Peters
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Mark Tan
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Justin Williams


What is it?

Sobol maps accountability across your entire ecosystem so teams can move fast with alignment and trust. It focuses on people, so shows transparent structures by mapping all the roles and team members. It also connects goals and captures signed agreements

What problem does it solve?

With DAOs, it’s hard to track owners, progress, and goals because people rotate and have the ability to pick virtually any task. Sobol maps the org accountability and makes it easier to show all the work and goals that are happening at the moment

How does it work?

You map your current structure to get a clear view of the current owners and tasks, set the goals so that it’s clear how they serve one another. Then you add agreements around working methods and decision-making processes where cross-team collaboration challenges persist.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

They have a good visual mapping of the organization. They use people and teams as primary building blocks and allow for complex structures where people are performing different goals across functions.


You need to maintain this tool separately and check to make sure that information is updated when you run your sprint/season. This results in a challenge where the Sobol graph may be out of date with the current org structure if you don’t keep this up-to-date

Words of advice:

Use the free trial and work with their team to understand if your DAO has the workflow that can best utilize the tool.

Expected future updates:

Getting Started

Setup the trial demo and enter your org information, add teams and roles, and build the contributor profiles so you can see different presentation views for your members.

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