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What is it?

Station creates web3-native toolkits for communities to attract, onboard, and retain the best talent. Station allows contributors to discover and participate in the most exciting web3 projects. They create toolkits for DAOs to onboard, coordinate, and retain contributors and for contributors to more seamlessly participate in the most exciting projects.

What problem does it solve?

Weak contributor activation and retention - The path to participation and contribution is opaque and confusing. The incongruous UX and fragmented workflows make activation and retention of high-quality contributors difficult. 

Fragmented reputation - Contributor reputation is lost when moving from one community to another. Contribution history in one community doesn’t accurately accrue legitimacy and value to a contributor. 

Inefficient coordination - It’s hard to parse “who’s working on what” in most DAOs. Centralized permission & access systems in web3 don’t enable fluid participation. 

Misaligned incentives - DAOs deploy incentives that attract short-term opportunistic users rather than mission-aligned members. Without contribution data/history, it’s challenging to decide on token distribution. 

How does it work?

Initiative Board: Showcase clear pathways for community members to add immediate value — no more overwhelming DMs and dead silence to “how can I help?”


Membership Onboarding: Give power to a collective to vouch for those who have expressed interest in participating in the community. Once newcomers pass the quorum, they get issued a membership NFT with metadata that gives them personalized access to services and rewards.

Dynamic Membership IDs: A no-code deployment of NFTs with evolving attributes that represent a member’s identity and status. Evolving metadata enables automatic token-gating and role- and reputation-based applications.

Membership Profile: Beautiful rendering of on-chain history of verifiable contribution across communities — a timeline and repository that grow as members contribute more across different communities.

How do I use it?

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