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Quickly launch a Web3-native investing DAO


Ian Lee
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Julia Lipton
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What is it?

Syndicate is a decentralized investing protocol and social network that enables investors and communities to create Web3-native investing DAOs. Syndicate also provides infrastructure and tools for investing DAOs to socially network, invest in the real world, and maintain compliance.

What problem does it solve?

Investing DAOs are a great way to come together as friends or funds to invest in crypto startups, NFTs, DeFi, and other crypto-native assets. However, the complexity of launching and running an investing DAO, particularly compliantly, can be overwhelming even to experienced crypto users.

Syndicate makes it easy to pool money into a multi-sig and invest with your network. Since everything is on-chain, distributions happen automatically via smart contracts. Syndicate also limits the personal liability of investment DAO members by giving DAOs the option to compliantly connect to LLCs and other “real world” capabilities.

Finding the right DAO to join, or other DAOs to connect with, is a common challenge. DAO discovery is currently an opaque and manual process.

Syndicate aims to be the social network for Web3 investing by making it easy to discover new investment DAOs and enable DAO-to-DAO interactions.

How does it work?

Syndicate is still in private alpha, so information is limited while the product is still under development. 

Common use cases include: 

  • Investment clubs: Pool USDC with friends to invest in different on-chain assets. This is like creating and running a venture fund with your friends. 
  • Individual SPVs: Pool USDC across your network to invest in a single asset, like a startup or an NFT. 
  • Legal legitimacy: For “real-world” investments that require having a legal entity, Syndicate makes it easy to connect your on-chain syndicate to an LLC. 

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

Creating a DAO can be intimidating, especially to non-technical users. Syndicate enables groups of people to quickly come together, pool capital, and invest in something they believe in. 

There are many regulatory and legal complexities to navigate when setting up and running a DAO and Syndicate helps users navigate this landscape and reduce their personal risk. 


It’s still early and very few people have access to the product.

Syndicate doesn’t handle back office and fund administration, so be prepared to handle taxes on your own. 

Words of advice:

The waitlist is long and the team is currently only working with select design partners. Sign up to receive updates.

Expected future updates:

The product is still in private alpha but the team is busy building smart contracts to productize and automate much of the user experience.

Getting Started

Click start a Syndicate and fill out this typeform and you’ll be added to the waitlist. 


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