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What is it?

thirdweb is the easiest way to build a web3 product. It's tools allow builders with all levels of technical expertise to see their vision come to life. 

What problem does it solve?

thirdweb makes it incredibly easy to launch a web3 project by giving builders no-code and low-code tools. thirdweb has pre-built smart contracts that allow users to mint and manage NFTs (ERC721 and ERC1155) and tokens (ERC20), launch airdrops for their communities, create on-chain voting mechanics, build marketplaces they can embed in their own websites, and drop lootbox-style packs of NFTs and tokens. thirdweb has some of the best explainers and developer documentation in the entire web3 space and a killer support team in Discord.

For developers who want to build customized apps, thirdweb offers SDKs in multiple languages which can be used to deploy and control pre-built smart contracts with the thirdweb functionality. For teams with their own smart contracts, they recently launched thirdweb deploy to make it easy and secure to deploy smart contracts without compromising private keys.

How does it work?

thirdweb's docs explain how to use every feature with step-by-step guidance. For non-technical users, they’ve made intuitive no-code tools that make it extremely easy to launch NFT collections and marketplaces. The SDKs allow much broader customization and thirdweb deploy is for teams with native smart contract expertise. 

If the documentation isn’t clear enough or you’re getting errors, hop into their Discord #support channel for some of the speediest help around.

How do I use it?

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Why it's cool:

We had two reviewers for this product with different levels of technical expertise. The first reviewer was a smart contract guru who described thirdweb deploy as a game-changer that will be an industry standard. The second reviewer was a no-code acolyte who couldn’t believe how easy it was to mint NFTs and launch a marketplace. There’s something for everyone.


Words of advice:

Expected future updates:

thirdweb is expanding to other blockchains including L2s. They iterate their product very quickly so feel free to hop into their discord and make a suggestion if you’d like to see something new.

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