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Wonderverse is a project management tool for DAOs building for Web3 and crypto.


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What is it?

This DAO native tool is a platform which combines critical pieces to manage participation in a DAO. Primarily a project management tool integrated into crypto, it strives to be a one stop shop for all things DAO participation.  Manifesto found here.

What problem does it solve?

The task management integration with token payment will be a big step forward in Web3 native DAO management tools. Wonderverse is focused on project management, not just for the individual but also on tight knit, small teams (pods). Additionally, DAO’s can post tasks tied to bounties, track progress, and quantify contributions.

How does it work?

Wonderverse will be a place where people can manage and track their DAO workflow.  Rather than using a Web2 tool and making it somehow work for Web3, Wonderverse allows users and DAO’s to integrate crypto into their project management. 

  • Feature 1: Project management
  • Feature 2: Contribution payments
  • Feature 3: Onboarding to a DAO
  • Feature 4: Product discovery
  • Feature 5: Use of Lit protocol to make token gated permissions. This can curate members of the community.

How do I use it?

DAO Masters Insights

Why it's cool:

When Wonderverse is released it will be great to have a dashboard which tracks your DAO contributions, ties into the broader needs of the ecosystem, and is integrated with your wallet!


Much of Wonderverse’s value will come from the network effects from getting DAO’s to post work. But, there are questions about automation and integration that are not yet resolved. For example, if a DAO posts tasks and someone claims it on Wonderverse, does it automatically integrate with the other tools the DAO uses such as Discord or Notion?

Words of advice:

  • Get 10 free Wonder tokens by joining the waitlist.  The current Wonder token reward ties contributors to the project. Doing small tasks early for this DAO could payoff eventually once the project is well established.
  • Using the Wonderverse platform will give you not only the bounty posted by the DAO you contribute to, but also Wonder tokens as well. So if you’re planning to do work for a DAO then doing it through Wonderverse gives you extra benefits, i.e. earning Wonder token.

Expected future updates:

  • Just rolling out the product in 2022 will be the biggest step.
  • This will tie into a contributor profile which will act as your resume.

Getting Started

DAOs can apply for the private beta in the Wonderverse Discord. For individuals, you can get on the waitlist here.

Here is a community call which has very good information including a walkthrough of the program.


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